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TranceFormation with Willow

We’ll be meeting on 6 Saturdays beginning on 6/12 from 1-2:30pm EST (10-11:30am PST) on Zoom which I couple with another platform, Teachable. Teachable is a place to connect, get homework assignments, content downloads, comment on topics in our discussion boards, watch Zoom recordings if you missed class, want to review a class or want to prerecord your final trance and more. Participants are also given an access code to take my online frame drum class for free and several registrants are already interested in learning so there may be a side class for trance drummers. I’ll also share resources such as a 30-minute frame drum recording I made that you could use as a soundscape for trances and other soundscaping options for musical and non-music readers alike. Here’s a teaser of what I’m offering: • Trance – what it is, how it’s different from meditation, wielding the power of trance ethically and effectively • Tips and tricks for trance leaders, types of trance, Eriksonian hypnotherapy techniques, bypassing resistance, getting buy in, ensuring success, layering the intention throughout the trance, mythic and timeless language, extensive instruction for constructing and leading trances • Creating intentions – what makes them potent, how to translate the personal to the universal for access, knowing what matters • Crafting inductions and returns – creating the container and learning how to do them effectively in obvious support of the intention • Crafting the body of the trance – clearly and repetitively keeping the trance on track, how this differs from normal language and the processing centers of the brain that we engage, leaving spaces for the experiences, addressing disruptions, intentional and otherwise • Soundscaping: sound container options for all levels of musical talent that also clearly support the intention • Putting it all together – final presentations wherein participants lead the group in their 5-10 minute tra

Event Starts:

Saturday June 12th 2021

Event Ends:

Saturday August 7th 2021